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Increase Your Revenue
with our Expert Credentialing/Payor Enrollment Services
Don’t pass these responsibilities on to inexperienced staff. Our full-time staff has a combined 24 years of credentialing and enrollment experience.
We verify and monitor your providers’ credentials
We verify credentials following NCQA standards, all while ensuring applications are in tip-top shape and ready for payors. We monitor CMS exclusions lists and National Practitioner Data Bank reports, ensuring your provider is safe and eligible to treat your clients.
We make enrollments happen faster
We know how important enrollments are to your bottom line. We enroll your providers with the payors of your choice immediately upon eligibility. We regularly monitor enrollments ensuring all information required is submitted for faster approvals. We monitor and handle payor revalidations. Provider participation is our goal!
You will see a return on your investment
Every day that a new provider remains in the onboarding process, they are unable to enter the revenue cycle. Our experienced full-time staff and methods reduce the number of days your provider waits which in turn increases your revenue.
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Please reach out to Sunday Jessen, Director of Credentialing Services, at or call us at 816-472-9012, ext 103.
Prioritizing Credentialing & Payor Enrollment
= Additional Revenue for your Agency…Faster!

Current Clients:
Bootheel Counseling Services
Clark Community Mental Health Center
Community Counseling Center
Family Counseling Center
Places for People
QSR Psychiatric Solutions
We enroll providers with the payors of your choice. Those include:
Home State
Healthy Blue
Anthem BCBS
And more!